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Our company specializes in the supply of components and modules for prosthesis of upper and lower limbs. On our products you can see the logo with a picture of the first artificial Earth satellite. And this is not an accident: OIME is a subsidiary of the Rocket and Space Corporation Energia , named after S P Korolev.

Specializing in the assembly, sale and supply of components and modules for prosthetic arms and legs to public and private prosthetic and orthopedic companies, OIME performs a very important role: it provides continuous contact between the producer and consumer. This enables us to quickly respond to the comments and suggestions received from the consumer.

OIME offers high-quality, secure and reliable component parts and modules for prosthetic arms and legs. All component parts and modules are strength and endurance tested by RCC Energia. Russian modules have quality certifications; more than 60 of them have the international quality certificate of CE.

The OIME supplying programe includes more than 400 items and sizes of products and modules for adults and children, which makes it possible to manufacture high-quality modern prostheses to suit the individual characteristics of the patient: the level of amputation, weight and age of the patient and the degree of activity.

OIME delivers a full range of equipment for the orthopedic workshops, both Russian and foreign manufacturers. We are ready to provide any equipment needs for plastering, vacuum forming, work with plastics, lamination, production of revetments for prosthesis.

The range of rehabilitation items is broad and includes wheelchairs of various modifications, walkers, crutches, walking sticks and much more.

In terms of quality, functionality and design of the products offered by OIME are not complying with similar products of leading foreign brands. A number of new developments for the originality of design and high quality have been marked by medals and diplomas at the various international exhibitions.


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